Building Wealth in the Stock Market

Our purpose is to train you to analyse, evaluate and invest directly and wisely in the stock market - regardless of market direction.
Ideal for proactive investors and traders, those with self-managed super funds and for those just starting out in the share market.
Learn strategies and rules to invest and trade sensibly, generate cashflow and protect your stock portfolio. Enhance your financial aptitude so you can take
control of your financial future.

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Fast Track Your Stock Market IQ

David Novac

David Novac

Investor & Options Specialist

"If you think education is expensive, try ignorance”. 
Derek Bok, President (1971-1991), Harvard University

Kate Sheehan

Learn how to manage your own stock market investments or SMSF - ask about our 'Invest for Success' Program!

Why Choose Wealthwise Education?

We believe the stock market is the best vehicle for building wealth.

We also believe in the axiom, “give a man a fish, feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, feed him for life.”

Our purpose is to teach you how to analyse, evaluate and invest wisely in the stock market  - regardless of market direction through our stock market courses delivered in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and the rest of Australia, Asia, USA, Europe and the Middle East.

Our practical stockmarket courses and learning materials have been developed from the real-life experiences of David Novac - investor, trader, analyst, stock market educator and Wealthwise co-founder. David has over thirty years market experience.

You will learn strategies and rules to invest and trade wisely, generate cashflow, protect your stock portfolio, as well as how the various asset classes (property, stocks, cash, bonds, commodities), fit into the global economy and your investment portfolio. You will enhance your financial aptitude and complete the course with the knowledge that you can take control of your financial future comfortably and effectively.

A good financial education is your first step toward freedom.

What Our Graduates Think...

"I have been to many stock related courses over the years, but 'Invest for Success' by far, has been the most comprehensive and the only one to empower me with the skills to make my own educated decisions."

J. Magnifico, Business Owner

"I feel extremely privileged to have had access to David's years of market experience during the 'Advanced' course. Excellent!"

T. O'Brien, Trader

"David is a great presenter, he explains things very well. He is someone that I will go back and learn from again and again. I wrote my big picture financial plan in his 'Financial Wisdom' workshop and it is easy to follow."

M. Primrose, Business Builder

"No matter where you are up to in your 'financial journey', the knowledge you can gain from one day in the 'Financial Wisdom' course can make a huge difference to you. It will open the doors you didn't even know were there!"

Sue K., Investor & Trader

"Great insight into the economy and an excellent foundation to start your path to financial security."

K. McKeachie, Microbiologist

"Great to get some detailed analysis on stocks. Good appreciation of the macro view. For honest and objective stock market education you need to get involved with David & Kate at Wealthwise."

T. Andrighetto, Business Owner

"If you are thinking of investing in the market, you can't afford to exclude Wealthwise in your education mix. The 'Invest for Success' course is invaluable in understanding the markets from a macro context."

M. Moses, Wool Broker

"Excellent day spent with an expert who can demonstrate how to find value. With this knowledge it is now up to me to do the research, but now with a better understanding on finding value. Today reminded me why this is important knowledge – I want my life back and to be in control!"

David O, Company Director

"‘Invest for Success’ is the first step towards understanding a company’s financial position in relation to its share price. The skills learnt in the course will allow you to find good value in the market place. Excellent! Understanding the fundamentals of a stock also helps me to better trade the charts."

W. Bennett, Agronomist

"David is a great teacher who is very generous with his knowledge. He is always happy to help with questions. Enjoy catching up each time and will be back again!"

A. Brabin, Analyst

"As usual, a wonderful experience. Really appreciate Wealthwise doing regional workshops. A very interesting day."

A. Rands, Electrician

“Happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate what they already have.”


"'Financial Wisdom' gives a really great overview of money. Not the information you've heard before and ignored but really insightful information that motivates you to become financially free."

Ashleigh S, Business Development Manager

"David always has a great perspective on the global and local markets. Plus he has the ability to explain it in a way that can be easily understood."

Bev P, Real Estate Agent

"David presents 'Invest for Success' in a clear manner and allows sufficient time for questions. The written material is comprehensive - there is plenty of opportunity to go into detail."

C. Hall, Consultant

Speechless!  The tuition to attend 'Invest for Success' is possibly the best $2.5K I have ever spent.

C. Tozer, Builder

"'Financial Wisdom' was excellent - really! It gave me a great understanding of how important having 'financial wisdom' is, and particularly the advantage I have being young."

Candice K, Teacher

'Advanced Trading Options' Workshop is a great way to take your options trading to the next level, both in terms of being tuned into the subtleties of market moves and, more importantly, how to take trades with improved confidence and risk management.

Chris T, Engineer/Trader

I found the 'Advanced Option Trading' Workshop was very Informative and laid out in a manner that was understandable.  Great course.

Corey T, Builder

Thanks again so much for 'opening up' my brain & financial opportunities. You both are gifted in presenting & caring for the 'graduates'. It was a fantastic workshop & things are certainly cementing themselves in my mind.

D. Gomez

"If you are interested in the share market, Wealthwise workshops are a great way to learn. Good information and easy to follow."

D. Payne, Wool Technical Officer

"The information in 'Financial Wisdom' is essential. These are the foundation stones you need for financial freedom."

D. Webster, Franchisor

Advanced Options Trading workshop is a very informative and practical way to increase your knowledge on options trading and to learn the tricks of the trade.  Excellent.

Damian L, Electrician

Amazing course! Loved everything in 'Invest for Success' and really want to learn more.

Danielle H., Mum

Thanks to Kate & David for a great week of learning and pleasure at 'Super Traders'. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect and I know that such events do not happen without a lot of planning and logistics.  All of us are privileged for crossing you both in our life’s path.  A big thanks again.

David O, Company Director

"'Invest for Success' Workshop comes with specific rules, not just an overall concept like many courses out there."

Dr J. Yen, Medical Practitioner

"'Invest for Success' was educational and inspiring.  I wanted to learn how to protect my future and this was a great place to start."

Dr. K. Alcorn - Medical Practitioner

AOT was absolutely fabulous!! Thanks David & Kate.  I am blown away by how much I have learnt in four days.

Felicity D, Appointment Setter

"Well worth the day. Was great to be able to attend a regional workshop to get this knowledge. Very good!"

G. Edis, Farmer

"Invest for Success - an extremely informative and well presented workshop.  Completely unlocked the mystery of the share market in a simple to follow and logical way."

G. Fitness, Physiotherapist

“Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure.”

George E. Woodberry

A fantastic four day course taking students from basic theory to advanced strategies.  With real-time trading cementing the theory.  An excellent program.  

Giulian F, Project Engineer

Advanced Option Trading 4 day workshop helped me to get a much better understanding of all the elements required to trade consistently and successfully.  Act - Review - React - Review.

Greg J, Manager

"Financial Wisdom is an excellent introduction to DIY trading and investing."

Iain McG, Trader

"I highly recommend 'Financial Wisdom' to my friends, as at this young age, it is vital to build a solid financial understanding and wealth management plan."

J. Black, Student

"Didn't know how much I didn't know about the stock market until I heard David at 'Invest for Success'. Ignorance is the greatest risk, not the stock market. Thanks for opening my eyes!"

J. Bontemps, IT

"'Financial Wisdom' - great value for a whole day's education on some of the most important information on money and global economy."

J. Mournehis, Painter

"David gives a great overview of the current markets and explains what is possible in the markets. I learned a lot in a couple of hours at 'Investing 2011."

J. Smythe, Trainer

On coming to the AOT course I had little knowledge on options.  But now I have learnt a lot.  I am now confident to progress to do trading with confidence thanks to David and Kate for their knowledge and guidance.   Thank you very much.

John P, Retired

"Since joining the Wealthwise Community, we’ve developed a much deeper understanding of the share market and strategies for investing. This has given us the confidence to manage a share portfolio using the various techniques we’ve learned and matching these with our individual skills (I like the research, my husband likes the technicals). Thanks to David & Kate for offering an education program that has helped us learn so much so quickly." 

Julie & Neil

Before the course I didn't know where to start in the stock market.  'Invest for Success' has provided me with knowledge on where to start, trends to look for and the confidence to have a go.

Karen B., Asset and Infrastructure Manager

"More confident than before attending 'Invest for Success' and willing to follow through on my learnings.  Loved the information we have been given to take away."

Katrina A., Self-Employed

I highly recommend every person considering trading options to attend all of the levels at Wealthwise Education.   You need to be educated properly before entering the market initially and to also refresh along your option trading journey.

Lyn R, Real Estate

“I encourage anyone looking to enter the market on whatever level or scale, to attend 'Invest for Success' to learn the necessary risk management skills prior to the inevitable losses through ignorance. I, and others I know, have suffered enormous losses through ignorance and lack of risk management. This is a 'must attend' for everyone."

Lyn R, Real Estate

"Attending Wealthwise Education's 'Invest for Success' 2 day workshop is a must do before you start investing. Just like we wouldn't drive a car without first getting insurance, I think everybody should do this course before they risk losing their money by investing it the wrong way.  I now have the knowledge I need to invest confidently and make my money work for me.  The knowledge gained at the course would have taking me years of reading to learn and in the meantime, I may have lost a lot of money.  So pleased I now know the right way to invest. Thanks for everything David & Kate." 

M. Edwards

"Don't get into the stock market unless you have done 'Invest for Success'! If you are already in the markets, stop and do the workshop - it's worth it."

M. Lane, Electrician

"A great way of extending your knowledge of the stock market."

M. Wells, Plumber

'Invest for Success' provided me with the tools and rules to follow to confidently trade or invest in the stock market.

Michael R., Financial Planner

"IFS gives comprehensive learning on shares, risk management, technical & fundamental analysis and rules to make informed decisions when buying shares."

O. Lasalo

'Invest for Success' has greatly enhanced my knowledge of the stock market.  I feel much more confident in making decisions regarding investment in stocks, when to buy stock and when to exit in profitable or risk limiting situations.

P Miller, Retired

"After trading shares for 2 years, I decided to trade options. The 'Advanced' course helped me to get more profits consistently. I learned more about how it all works and fits together. Thanks to David and Kate for helping me live and do what I enjoy doing with little stress."

P. Germano, Managing Director

"The ‘Invest for Success’ presentation was in layman’s terms and very easy to understand. If you want to start investing and trading the ASX and increase your wealth, talk to Wealthwise Education."

P. Hanlon, Storage & Transport

"'Invest for Success' is a must for anyone serious about making sustainable profits from investing and trading in the stock market. David's insights into the impact of human behaviour and psychology was most beneficial."

P. Heath, Business Manager

“Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

My first Wealthwise workshop was 20 years ago.  It was a pleasure to re-attend AOT.  The content and integrity was outstanding.  The small group made it really comfortable and personal and I leave the course well equipped to advance my options trading.

Rod L, Consultant

Before doing this course, my general knowledge of the markets was rusty and my confidence was low.  David's thorough knowledge and excellent teaching style made it very easy to understand the concepts.  Gaining confidence and sound rules is the first place to start investing in the market.  I’m looking forward to applying it all.  Definitely recommend 'Invest for Success'!

Rosemary A, Music Teacher / Entrepreneur

I got outside my noisy head into an organised less chaotic, systematic and easy to follow Wealthwise system.  Great for busy people like me.  'Invest for Success' is fantastic to build knowledge & confidence.  It has saved me years of working out a lot of things....light bulb moment! 


Shiree G., Medical Sonographer

"Very useful in understanding the fundamentals and to know what useful information to seek out to aid investment decisions."

Simon C., Merchandise Manager

The 'Invest for Success' course was excellent.  I highly recommend this to others.

Steve T., Business Owner

Attending AOT was a great opportunity to learn from experts.  Experts in the field but also great teachers.  These two skill sets don't always go together.  A unique opportunity - unmissable! 

Sue M, Investor/Retired

"'Invest for Success' - a good opportunity to take time out to think through strategies and tactics for both Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) and personal stocks."

T. Good, Agronomist

"'Invest for Success' - An excellent workshop to gain more knowledge on how to invest in the stock market.  Understand more of technical analysis, investing rules and fundamentals!  Highly recommended." 

T. McNeilage, Accountant

"I found the 'Invest for Success' workshop very interesting! It certainly put a new light on things. My share investments since the workshop (2 weeks ago) have gone well and pretty much have covered the cost of the weekend!!!"

T. McNeilage, Accountant

"I knew very little about the stock market and I found IFS excellent for improving my skills and knowledge.  It was straight forward and easy to understand.  I have a new view of the stock market and increased confidence to invest in shares."

T. Ralls

AOT was an awesome course.  Thanks David & Kate for your generosity and patience in teaching us a formidable tool set.

Tim W, Lawyer

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